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The founder Ki Wong spent years accumulating his culinary experience internationally. When he was ready to start his own family, he decided to move back home to his beloved Edmonton. Edmonton is where his parents raised him and his 5 other siblings. Ki started his first restaurant in 1995 with 3 goals in mind: to share his passion and love of food, creating that warm feeling in your belly that only comes from a delicious a home-cooked meal, and being able to enjoy that great home-cooked meal with family. 


After years of creating memories for numerous patrons and hearing numerous requests for more locations and access from those patrons,  Ki has begun his expansion of quick-service locations to better serve these loyal patrons.


Nowadays you will still often see Ki at the restaurant, creating home-cooked meals with all the love people have come to expect. His love of food on full display: cooking, eating, and sharing alongside his family and extended restaurant family.

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